NCDatapalooza Kickoff Teams

These are the teams that submitted applications for NC Datapalooza Kickoff competition. Each team did a 5-minute pitch followed by a 3 minute Q & A with judges.  See all teams:

Find Me A Grad School- Web-application (website) that suggests a list of graduate schools that future graduate students have a higher chance of being admitted into based on students’ personal information (GPA, GRE, potentially, the country they are from, financial capabilities).

Are We Represented?- Shed light on how representative our elected bodies are by comparing the demographics of local & state elected bodies with the demographics of the communities they represent. Goals are to visualize potential discrepancies in an easy-to-understand way and to provide a tool for analysis of potential impact on other community outcomes.

Concrete Data- Like in many tech-focused cities, new wealth has transformed Durham’s neighborhoods over the last decade. Our application uses open data about residential home sales to build a fine-grained map of how the cost of living has changed across Durham. Then, we provide tools for residents to share their stories about the map: what do they notice, what can they add, and how have they experienced these changes? How can open data, and open storytelling about that data, help Durham determine its future?

Clair- Regardless of how much data you have, how accurate your analysis, how revolutionary your insights, or how many reports you generate, they are all useless if you are unable to successfully compel your team to take action on them. The greatest obstacle is poor buy-in, communication, and follow-through. Clair is the report management platform that compiles report structures from the most popular industry tools and augments your internal analytics with external datasets. She helps you create more persuasive reports and prioritize your improvement strategies before tracking and quantifying the impact of your decisions over time through a centralized dashboard. By aligning your team, from Director to Analyst, from Manager to Developer, Clair helps everyone trust the data that’s being presented, take action, and follow-through.

Civic Rise- A smartphone app that sends users calls-to-action on social and political causes they support. Actions can include contacting legislators and other advocacy activities that can be completed on the mobile device. CivicRise incorporates open data on legislators, political offices, and elections.

Dēmos- A social venture aimed at increasing participation in local governments by improving information accessibility and transparency through a digital platform. By incorporating data analytics, demographic and policy research, and user-focused design, they present to citizens all the relevant information on issues that impact their lives in an easily-digestible, personalized format.

NCFunder- NCFunder is dedicated to open-sourcing tools that will bring affordable, sustainable access to capital to small businesses in North Carolina. NCFunder is currently working on a multi-week project to connect NC PACES Act intrastate crowdfunding and blockchain-based legal operations.

Site Shield- Improve on the idea of a weather radio by using the internet to retrieve warning polygons, only alerting on actionable items for the singular installed location, and delivering site-specific sheltering instructions. This facilitates sheltering when needed, no unnecessary sheltering, and improves compliance through site-specific messaging.

Data Bacon- We are currently working on building a simple and Interactive question and answer chatbot to get restaurant information. Our chatbot understands What, When, Why, Who, Where, Which, How based questions and looks for the relevant response based on the question parameters and a set of rules that are defined for each question type and the system returns the most relevant answer to the question.

mConnect, “Connecting Communities”– A mobile app designed and created by a team of Triangle residents.  For communities that must currently rely on multiple formats to get timely information to residents, mConnect provides a single stop solution on resident’s handheld devices. It allows users to access key information about the Town including real-time alerts, phone numbers, local news, social media feeds, and public calendars all in one place, rather than having to search the web for it.  “mConnect App” empowers town residents to stay connected, communicate efficiently and live smartly in heart of the triangle.”

Congratulations to ‘Are We Represented’ Team by Code for Durham + Friends, who won NC Datapalooza’s Kickoff $1000 prize.

*Description originally created by CityCamp NC.