ESRI Open Data

o   Example Web Maps – Public Safety:

§  Oklahoma Tornadoes

§  Nepal Earthquake Maps

§  NGA Ebola Support

o   ArcGIS Open Data Portals – Health:

§  World Health Organization’s ArcGIS Open Data Site

§  National Cancer Institute

§  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccination Tracking System

City of Charlotte

Here are some Federal ArcGIS Open Data Sites:

·         ArcGIS Open Data Gallery

·         HUD ArcGIS Open Data

·         Department of Education

Direct Access of ArcGIS Services from the Federal Data Portal:

· – Certain Federal Agencies make their ArcGIS Open Data available directly here.  For example, the U.S. Hourly Precipitation Data is available as a REST endpoint, or an ArcGIS Service viewable in an online Map Viewer.  Click here for datasets at available as Esri services.