4th Annual NC DataPalooza Finale Results!

NC DataPalooza held is 4th annual open-data start up competition on November 14. After three months of ideation, coding, and strategizing, it came down to three teams: NC Food Inspector, OverEasy, and the New Cartographers.

The event was held in the Red Hat Annex. Guests enjoyed free refreshments and food, provided by Neomonde. The evening kicked off with a welcome from Red Hat’s own, Jason Hibbets, followed by an introduction and overview by Zach Ambrose, the lead organizer for NC DataPalooza. Charles Gaddy, with Global Data Consortium, took the stage as the first speaker of the night. He spoke on data quality and shared the Mickey Mouse and James Bond are the most falsified names in databases. Next, Nick Harvey from Red Hat spoke on containers and open data.

It was then time for the three finalists to make their pitches. First up was Team OverEasy. Their pitch, Microcensus, utilizing US Census data and Esri open data. Microcensus will provide rapid research and reporting for open data sets. By the time Microcensus reaches maturity, it will be the go-to data tool for first-line research across many disciplines and industries.

Second up was the New Cartographers. Gavin and his dad were back once again to compete. Their pitch, Kid Transit, used open source data to create ‘walking school busses’; groups of kids guided by a volunteer parent or guardian. The Guide walks (or bikes) along a scheduled, predetermined route and uses Esri’s Survey 123 to check in children and report safety concerns. These surveys are immediately available so principals can track groups, view live traffic, and dispatch assistance as needed.


NC DataPalooza Finalists!


We can’t wait to see the what the finalists have built!

Eight teams met on Thursday at All Things Open and made their pitches for one of three spots at the NC DataPalooza November 14th Finale.  The competition was fierce, and the judges selected the following teams to battle for the $5,000 Grand Prize and the $500 Best Use of Esri Technology Prize:

  • New Cartographers
  • OverEasy
  • NC Food Inspector


NC DataPalooza will be from 5-8 p.m., November 14th, at the Red Hat Annex and will feature food from Neomonde!  Attendees will hear from great speakers and pitches with live demos from the three finalist teams.

We want to extend a special thank you to our sponsors, our ATO judges and the great teams who competed at ATO!  We’re looking forward to seeing you at Red Hat Annex.  There will be networking, delicious food, engaging speakers, great projects built on Open Data and suspense!  


The New Cartographers

The New Cartographers: Kid Transit

Meet the Team: A sixth grader at Durham’s Central Park School for Children, Gavin has an explorer’s curiosity. Inspired at a similar age by SimCity, his father Will is a real estate investor.

Project Description: Kid Transit uses open source data to create ‘walking school busses’; groups of kids guided by a volunteer parent or guardian. The Guide walks (or bikes) along a scheduled, predetermined route and uses Esri’s Survey 123 to check in children and report safety concerns. These surveys are immediately available so principals can track groups, view live traffic, and dispatch assistance as needed.

• Students: Exercise and socialize during route, arrive on time and ready to learn
• Parents: Safe, scheduled routes, with check-ins and hazard reporting
• Schools: Community involvement, immediate safety feedback, transportation savings, fewer car trips generated, set arrival times to reduce tardiness
• Communities: Improve traffic and air quality, identify infrastructure obstacles and deficiencies, integrate with 311 systems, broaden mobility options and resiliency, crowdsource data to improve open data structures and conduct longitudinal studies

Open Data Sources:
NCDOT/Raleigh roadway base map
Wake Co. School locations & zones
Wake Co. Greenways
NCDOT Bike/Ped collision data
Raleigh live traffic feed
User-generated data via surveys and routes

Esri Tools
ArcGIS Online
Survey 123 (Web and ArcGIS Connect versions)
Operations Dashboard
Route Optimization
ArcGIS WebApp Builder

Project To Date: This project was created September 24th at CityCamp NC with routing for walking and biking, safety surveys, and NCDOT traffic and collision data. Subsequent additions include: multilingual surveys for initial interest, geocoded safety reports, and check-ins; Wake County Greenways, Wake County Transit stops; integration with Esri’s Operations Dashboard.

Project To Do: Implement a third transit mode, car pooling; improve aesthetics and workflow; improve routing options; overlay “walk zone” radii; use Raleigh parcel data to identify vacant lots that could be used for “desire line” routes; integrate and publish via WebApp builder.

Current Functionality: The app is operational today. Schools can survey students and parents for walking or biking interest. Schools can create Kid Transit groups, recruit Guides, and begin a safe routes to school program. Multilingual safety surveys photograph, geocode, and identify obstacles like dangerous animals, busy intersections, and missing crosswalks that can be addressed with short term personnel and long term capital solutions. The routes and reports can be used today by schools and communities to improve accessibility, mobility, measure non-vehicular travel, and plan capital projects.

Meet Bcombs

We asked each of our competing teams to write a one page synopsis of their project. See what Bcombs is all about! 

Meet the team:

  • Nathaniel Branscomb, Finance & Operations
  • Clarence Clayton, Project Manager
  • Dwayne Daily, Web Strategist
  • Shan He, Developer
  • Conen Morgan, Developer

Project description:

BCombs is a single source platform that allows children, family and other Patrons, to save time searching through web pages, magazines and other media, by matching their needs/wants with activities and events offered by Municipalities, Businesses and other Providers. We aggregate activities, such as soccer/piano lessons & local festivals, use member profiles & interest to make recommendations, and help families make the most of their time.

Imagine reviewing a list of all summer camps within 5 miles, using criteria you deem important, learning your favorite entertainer is in town for 1 night; and/or rescheduling work meetings because you set a reminder for the NC State Veterinarian fair, which your family enjoyed last year, was just scheduled. All in one platform

Open data sources: 

RSS feeds from Parks and Rec and other Municipal organizations

What have you done during the competition period (September 24th to October 27th)? 

  • Developed website and web based app
  • 1 customer, early adopter
  • Identify RSS feeds from municipalities that will be integrated into, a listing of free and cost Triangle events
  • Testing
  • Developing v2 UI designs

What else do you intend to do before the finale on November 14th? 

  • to Go Live
  • Identify additional RSS feeds
  • Identify non Municipal activities and events
  • Continue discussing wants/needs of Municipalities and other entities Describe specifically what functionality is currently implemented.
  • Web Based app
  • Admission Application
  • Login Access / Permissions
  • Classroom/Group Management
  • Events & Calendaring
  • Sharing functionality

NC Datapalooza DataJam Sparks Next Generation

Raleigh, NC; September 20, 2016

This upcoming Saturday September 24th, NC Datapalooza’s DataJam, will take place at Downtown Raleigh’s Church on Morgan (136 East Morgan Street). DataJam event, part of CityCamp NC, will feature pitches, a hackathon with data experts, free access to ESRI tools, and judges’ feedback. The regional competition will empower innovators, designers and developers to catalyze economic, health and community impact through open data. Register today for this Saturday’s event at

With access to open data from ESRI, the federal and local governments, DataJam participants will create solutions to impact economic development, increase access to information and improve community health.

This year’s DataJam will include a $1,000 first place prize and a $500 “best use of ESRI technology” prize. ESRI, is an international supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software, web GIS and geo-database management applications. DataJam teams will be entered into an open data competition, with a chance for cash prizes at NC Datapalooza on November 14, 2016.

CityCamp NC is an annual event that brings citizens, city/county/state government, and businesses together to openly innovate and improve our quality of life through technology.

NC Open Pass is the premier pass to open source, open government, open data, and other innovative events around the Triangle, North Carolina area. The pass allows you to pay once and attend any of the NC Open Pass affiliated events throughout the year. Learn more here:

Please check out this year’s NC Datapalooza’s DataJam Hackathon event on Twitter @NCDatapalooza and using the #NCDataJam and #CityCampNC hashtags to follow events.